The Breakfast Station

The Breakfast Station Overview

The pace of our lives sometimes runs at high speed and the most important meal of the day should not be overlooked, that is why The Breakfast Station has been created to offer you a chance to get your day off to a good start quickly, and with essential nutritional foods. In a simple and quick way using our pre-filled breakfast cups, you can prepare a wide variety of healthy and tasty options for you and your family to enjoy.

Easy to Use Touch Screen Interface

We have designed the touch screen interface to be simple, clean and very easy to use.

Touch Screen Features

Packed with features such as choosing your desired meal and size, coffee cup sizes, time, weather, language settings and more. You can also program custom meals into the interface so that the range of meal options are endless. Weather we come up with new meal choices or you venture out and create your own, rest assured you are covered.

Integrated Coffee Maker

With the built-in coffee maker, there is no need to have extra appliances on your counter. With a unique brewing system, you can prepare your favorite coffee or hot beverage every morning.

How Does It Work?

The principle of the breakfast station is comparable to the popular coffee maker of our day. Modernized with a touch screen touch screen. You can select your item and the desired size. Remove the sealing paper and Insert the cup in the brewing receptacle, close the door and press start.

Pre-Filled Meal Cups

Our pre-filled cups are packed with healthy ingredients to ensure you get the right start to your day. Choose from the bio-degradable options available or use your own special formula to make a tailor made meal in our reusable silicone cups.

Available Meals

We are working to bring large brands on board to provide their meals in our cups for you to enjoy. Our initial offerings of breakfast choices will walnut muffins, chocolate muffins, strawberry pancakes, blueberry pancakes, bacon and pepper omelette, vegetable omelet, hot cereal with banana and quinoa, fudge cake, vanilla cake, and more to come.