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Here is a list of some frequently asked questions that may help you with your Breakfast Station
The Breakfast Station is great for use in any Home, Hotel, Motel, Business, Office, RV, School, Elderly Residence and Cottage.

Currently we will have Oatmeal, Pancake, Muffin, Bread and Omelette available. We are working towards developing the following:

  • Walnut muffins, chocolate muffins, banana muffins, etc..
  • Strawberry pancake, blueberry pancake, wheat pancake, etc…
  • Bacon and pepper omelet, maple and pecan omelet, etc…
  • Hot cereal with banana and quinoa, etc…
  • Fudge cake, vanilla cake, lemon cake, etc…
Absolutely, with the reusable silicone cup you will be able to come up with your own creations.
Currently you can pre-order on kickstarter. Shortly we will have the cups available on our website, amazon prime and major grocery chains in Canada and the USA.
Yes, we provide a 1 year limited warranty against electronic and craftsmanship defects.

For more information please visit the warranty page
Absolutely, it is as safe as a regular microwave is. We even have placed quick start buttons at the base which is easy for kids to access.

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