About Us

Focusing on bringing new technologies to your kitchen.

Here at SimpliStarts, it is our mission to assist everyone in a balanced and healthy diet by providing new technologies to your kitchen.

Meet our Team

Get to know the people behind SimpliStarts. Our management and creative team.

Steeve St. Gelais

CEO & Co-Founder


Francis Bernier

COO & Co-Founder


Shane Bröesky



Aaron Broesky



Our Development Partner

We have partnered with InventIt! Products Corporation from Kelowna, British Columbia as our engineering and product design partner. InventIt! has taken an equity interest in SimpliStarts.
InventIt! specializes in product development including patent & IP protection, design, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, 3D printing & CNC prototyping, injection mold creation, manufacturing & sourcing, quality control, packaging and retail displays